12 Oct. ’09 ~ Progressive Jackpot Almost $2 Million In Online Casino

Progressive Jackpot Almost $2 Million In Online Casino

American players have watched as European casino gamers have pulled down those massive, million dollar jackpots from casinos that do not accept USA players. Microgaming has paid out several jackpots over $500,000 dollars this year alone, and Americans have been struggling to see progressive jackpots over $100,000. It has recently been discovered that one particular USA online casino is hosting a Progressive slot that is nearly $1,000,000 dollars in jackpot – more than most players could comfortably imagine.

Through Super Slots Casino, one lucky player will have the fortune of taking down a $1 million dollar victory. Such levels of income have been previously unimagined by most people, but through SuperSlots, a millionaire will be made. This is only possible through the Red White & Win progressive slot, though the combined total of all of their jackpots is nearing that $2 million mark. Regardless of which progressive a player enjoys, they are bound to take down a major victory.

Super Slots is an Odds On Casino, also known as Vegas Technology. Odds On is one of the oldest online casino providers, which is how they have managed to perfect their games to the point where these million dollar jackpots are even possible. To start new players off, Super Slots will give up to $300 dollars in free money to their players. This year, Super Slots has paid out multiple jackpots over $300,000 dollars, and you could be next.

With a jackpot of $1 million dollars, SuperSlots will be paying that jackpot out quicker than one would think. If a player were to want a chance at winning this, they would have to sign up and begin playing before time is up. Otherwise, this jackpot will be history – as well as the money.


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