14 Oct. ’09 ~ Another RTG Online Casino Resumes Acceptance of E-Checks

Another RTG Online Casino Resumes Acceptance of E-Checks

With banking restrictions running rampant, many players have watched electronic checks disappear from their favorite casinos. While depositing becomes more difficult, players are left out in the cold, trying to find new deposit methods. Electronic checks, or e-checks, have always been one of the most successful and one of the quickest deposit methods, and yet we watched as they disappeared from online casinos everywhere. A recent change of pace has hit, and several casinos have begun to add e-checks to their list of deposit methods once more. This time around, Lucky Red Casino has is happy to announce they are one of the many E-Check Casinos.

In recent times, Lucky Red has found a payment processor for ACH electronic funds transfers through the use of a check. While credit and debit cards have been failing at increasing rates, electronic checks have always remained a stable deposit method. Lucky Red Casino is a Real Time Gaming casino, one with a long history of financial integrity. With the resurgence of electronic checks, players will once again be able to make unfettered deposits.

In addition to their amazing new deposit method, Lucky Red showcases one of the best bonuses of all online casinos. Lucky Red offers a bonus of 400% to $4,000 dollars, with absolutely no maximum cash out. Over 120 games can benefit from this bonus, making it one of the most lucrative bonuses on the web.

Lucky Red is now accepting players from all over the United States, letting players from anywhere in the nation enjoy online casino gaming as they rightfully should. Because of their recent addition of e-checks, players who have nothing more than a checking account can make free deposits with a few clicks of the mouse.


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