Will Manchester United Owen a Four Legged Red Devil?

This entry was posted on Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Michael Owen & Man United Team Mates
It’s no surprise that racehorse mad Michael Owen, has been reportedly discussing with his new Manchester United team mates the complexities of race horse owning and the possibility that they all club together and buy a horse between them this coming season. Man United’s manager, Sir Alec Ferguson is no stranger to the races and plenty of players have gone on from successful playing careers to horse training careers too, just look at Mick Channon.

The massive wages players get nowadays will no doubt allow them to buy a decent thoroughbred, so we are talking more Giggs than Neville and, maybe not as leggy as Ferdinand, temperemental as Rooney or injury plagued as Michael Owen himself. Thankfully they are more likely to go for a flat racing horse, as a Ronaldo type would be falling all over the place far too much to finish.

I wonder what they’d call it? Perhaps our blog’s readers could add their best names thought up and add them below in the comments.

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