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Welcome to the Oggs Online Casino Guides. We hope you find this series of guides useful introductions to the exciting world of online casinos and valuable sources of tips and hint for successful playing.

The online casino landscape is changing rapidly and largely for the better as the industry starts to stabilise and learn from its past. However there are still casinos to watch out for and avoid.

Play safe and play with confidence. The key to enjoyable online gambling is to find both a reputable casino to join and one that supports your habits and requirements. Many casinos have similar games, but each will have a different way of operating with their respective plus and minus points; all of which will affect your overall playing experience.

  • New to Online Casinos? Read what you need to know before depositing first!
  • Experienced player? Choose from the topics on the right and read on.
  • Ready to play? Read Managing Your Gambling Budget and then read our online casino reviews to help you pick the casino thats right for you.

A little about us

These guides are a team effort and reflect the pooled experience of real online casino players.

Our lead editor is a longstanding casino player and respected moderator for a number of top online casino forums. The issues raised in these forums provide the basis for much of the material addressed in the guides.

We evaluate casinos against the following criteria: entertainment value, ease of use, cash out turnaround time, player support and responsiveness, player feedback, regulatory governance.

What’s missing?

We want our guidance to be as useful and comprehensive as possible for both new and experienced players. And that’s where you can help.

What other topics would you would find useful? Any online gambling experiences or tips you want to share? How can the existing content be improved?

All comments and suggestions are welcome. Don’t hesitate. Simply email us at

Thanks in advance.

The Oggs Team

Blackjack – Online Casino Guides

Blackjack is an elegantly simple card game at its most basic, but has key elements of strategy, tactics and odds that appeal to advanced players. It is for this reason that Blackjack forms a core component of our Online Casino Guides section.

Blackjack is a staple table game of both online and “real” casinos, as well as the playground, though there, there was usually less gambling and it was known as pontoon or 21. As with other table games, there are a wide variety of Blackjack game variations, each with its own unique twist, and we’ll cover the differences between these too. [read more…]

How to play Blackjack

In casinos around the world, it is blackjack that you’ll come across most often. The purpose of this online casino guide is to inform you of the basics of blackjack, and how to play. [read more…]

Blackjack – Insurance May Be a Poor Bet

Our online casino guides are intended to provide you with information that’ll leave you having a better online casino experience. This guide specifically is about blackjack betting techniques, and even more specifically about something in blackjack called insurance. [read more…]

Online Slots – Online Casino Guides

With our online casino guide, we aim to teach you as much as we can about a given game, so that you can understand how the game works, how to bet in that game, and how to have a good time with your online gaming experiences. Whilst we also write up the best online casino reviews, this piece is hopefully going to introduce you to online video slots, and give you some idea of where to start.

Players who like the idea of slots, but who have never played online video slots, may look at them and be a bit intimidated. There are plenty more bells and whistles to video slots than there are with the traditional one-arm bandit slots, and that is primarily the point… innovators were looking to provide the traditional slot player with a new and enhanced experience. Video slots, online or land-based, are no longer inhibited by physical reels and winning lines, so they can take the traditional characteristics of a slot machine and make their own universe out of it. [Read more…]

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Online Slots Overview

While online video slots are in many very similar to traditional slot machines, they differ in many respects having an increased number of reels, wild & scatter symbols, and the ability to play in excess of five coins per line (if you choose to do so). They are similar in that they share the most basic elements. The most obvious difference is the fact that if you want to play a physical slot machine, you have to head over to a land-based casino to do so (duh). If you want to play online video slots, however, you can do so by playing through an online casino via a free download of the casinos software or in some cases playing directly through your browser at the casinos website. [Read more…]

Random Number Generators and Certifications

As touched upon in a previous article within our Online Casino Guide, Online Slots are powered by a random number generator program that ensures that the Online Casino is not fixing the results in their favour. Understandably, players are worried about something that they cannot see and therefore, many Online Casinos have their software programs checked by an independent company.

These will often have a “seal” or logo that will be present at the bottom of the casino’s website so that you know that they have been tested. Many online casinos will draw your attention to these in any case, since they know that these accreditations help them to convince players that they are trustworthy. [Read more…]

Online Slots – “Variance”

Another thing to consider when choosing a slot to play online is to consider the variance of the slot. Variance is basically the risk over time on a slot machine. Generally there are three “levels” of variance… low, medium and high. A low variance slot usually gives you a longer play time with lower risk in playing. Also, your chances of winning big on a low variance slot are lower. A medium variance slot is one that allows your play time to increase and your chance of hitting something big also increases. A high variance slot won’t hit much but when it does your wins are bigger. [Read more…]

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Poker – Online Casino Guides

Poker is one of the most popular card games on the planet, so much so, that player vs. player online Poker has branched out from online casinos and has become an industry in and of itself. Poker has a mind boggling number of variations, some of which can seem so alien, that you’re not quite sure that you’re still playing Poker!

Perhaps the reason that Poker is so popular, is that although there is an element of chance involved in relation to the cards you get dealt, you as the player can significantly affect the outcome of the round by the way that you play your hand. [read more…]

The Basics Of Texas Hold’em

Of our many online casino guides, this one will cover Texas Hold ’em, a card game that varies drastically from (but is also based chiefly on) traditional poker. [read more…]

Texas Hold’em Poker Betting Tips and Long Term Strategies

You need simple and informative online casino guides that point you to the best online poker sites. Not only do we want to get you there, but we also want you to have a good time while you are there. In order to have a good time playing Texas Hold ’em, you’re going to need to have some sort of betting strategy – and that’s what we’re going to give you here. [read more…]

Roulette – Online Casino Guides

Roulette is a game synonymous with casinos; in fact, it would be a pretty poor casino that didn’t have at least one Roulette table. Roulette differs from most of the other games at either bricks and mortar or online casinos, in that as a player you cannot influence the result of the game. That said, it’s certainly one of the more exciting games you can play, and in some ways, the randomness and inherent uncertainty are a key factor in that enjoyment.

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As with other casino games, Roulette has many slightly different variations of the same basic rules and in this section of our Online Casino Guides, we hope to be able to describe these to you. We will also explain the basics of Roulette for the novice and touch upon some of the systems that various people claim can improve your play. [read more…]

Before You Find The Best Online Roulette Site – Learn Good Roulette Bets

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But, if anything is to be illuminated by our online casino guide, it will be this: the house is making money off the people who have no idea what they’re doing. So, while you join us to find the best online roulette site, take a moment to read our advice for roulette betting. [read more…]

Learn How To Play Roulette As You Look For Online Roulette Casino Reviews

This is one of many online casino guides offered by, and it is intended to inform you of the basics of roulette. As you read online roulette casino reviews, take a moment to learn these basics and get yourself up to speed. [read more…]

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