Miscellaneous Online Casino Information

Miscellaneous Online Casino Information

This section will probably grow as people tell me what we missed! But there are other areas that should probably be covered, while not directly related to players. Well they are actually, but have little effect on players. Most notably, the role of online casino affiliates is an area of possible interest. An affiliate is effectively an individual or company who receives a commission from the casinos to promote them. How they do this varies, as I’ll explain. It’s nothing new: every industry has affiliates and for many, if not most, web based businesses they are essential. Amazon was the first high-profile Web company to introduce the affiliate model, and it has been followed by all and sundry, most recently including those in the Music and Ringtone download industry.

There are good casino affiliates, and bad casino affiliates. Those whose opinions you can trust and those whose opinions are more money oriented. But as a player, wherever you see an online casino banner or casino review on a website, you can be 99% sure it is an affiliate site you are sitting on. Read on…it’s worth knowing how to spot the good from the bad from the downright ugly!

While these research pages do not contain any affiliate links, I know both sides of the industry pretty well, so I have also provided some information for those who might have their interest peaked in affiliate-dom.

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