The Role Of Online Casino Affiliates

The Role Of Online Casino Affiliates

What some casino affiliates fail to realize is that they should be looking to bridge the gap between a casino and a new player. It’s not simply about providing rose-tinted reviews about how great the casino is, but more about giving the player a true reflection of the property, so that what they receive matches or exceeds their expectations. Every player has individual requirements – something a lot of casinos would do well to remember too as it happens! It’s simply a false economy for an affiliate to send a player to an online casino that doesn’t suit them. The player loses, the casino loses the player and the affiliate loses his/her commission. And some credibility probably too.

From a player perspective, if you are referred to an online casino by a casino affiliate, any money they earn from your custom is paid by the casino and not by the player. So I am happy to support affiliates who offer me valuable information, but I’m very wary of affiliate websites that tell me lots of good stuff, and no bad stuff. No online casino is perfect, so I want to know what stops them from being so, and I think most players would want the same. However, online casinos are notorious for offering good commissions to affiliates and it’s inevitable that affiliates will sometimes, erm, “overlook” (lets be diplomatic!) the shortcomings of a casino as a result of greed, pressure…call it what you will. It’s one of the reasons I’m always a little put off by sites that simply rely on “banners” and “bonus offers” rather than honest information.

So some affiliates are simply in it for the money. But some take some pride in making sure that the information provided to players is current, helpful and trustworthy. It’s how you spot the good ones if you are inexperienced that’s the key to making sure you’re not directed to some dodgy backstreet mafia joint! In my experience, the good affiliates are all experienced online casino players and this comes across on their websites.

My advice? Look for affiliate sites run by players and which give honest opinions. Do they “blacklist” casinos? Or tell you if the casino’s support is not up to scratch? Or that the cashouts are slow? This is the important information, as we all know that the games themselves are similar across casinos on the major online casino software platforms.

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