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32Red Casino Player Review
32Red Casino

32Red – Player review

32Red is simply one of the best online casinos out there. This is reflected in both the awards it has won over the years, but more importantly, the fact that it is one of the biggest Canada goose jacka online casino operators out there (so much so that it is now listed on the stock exchange) implies that they are doing something right, but what is it?

We’ve previously reviewed 32Red from the point of view of customer service and payouts and it is deserving of the accolades that it has received, with quick processing times and a responsive customer service team (you can read that review here – 32Red Casino). The idea of this review is to give you some idea of what to expect if you’ve never been to a Microgaming Casino, though, if you have, there may be a couple of things here that you might find useful in making the decision to switch to 32Red.


You may or may not know that casinos all use one of a small handful of software providers, and Microgaming is one of the largest. This means that there are an extraordinary numbermoncler españa online of games to choose from, though the main culprit in generating these is online slots, with new games launched on a regular basis.

Whilst we’re dealing with slots, you can play on some of the most popular slots online. Microgaming don’t have as many big name tie-ins as Playtech, but it does have some heavyweights in the slotcanada goose jacka dam world; Tombraider & Hitman, both themed around the acclaimed video games and Hellboy – based on the comic that made it to the big screen in 2004.

One of the most popular table games around is Blackjack. 32Red have a large number of different varieties to play on, and these also display the different number of decks in use for each. Certainly, Blackjack is the table game with the most game variants on offer within table games at the casino, and if it’s your thing, you’re sure to find a version that you like.


The casino itself is a downloadable file (there is an instant play version too – more on that below). From here, you can browse the giant catalogue of games & once you have found games that you like, you can save them to a favourites folder. It’s also where you can access the bank to top up funds, though that aspect of 32 Red’s service has been covered in our other review (see above).

So, what is it like to use? Well, for those of you who are familiar with Microgaming Casinos, the ‘lobby’ (i.e. the screen you get when you start up the program) is fairly standard, although it has been customised with 32Red’s theme & logo, and as many people note, the dulcet tones of Patsy Kensit off Lethal Weapon II and less excitingly Holby City (if you’re not from the UK, you’re not really going to know what that is – it’s not important though).

There are 2 ways to navigate the menu – either via an icons based menu, or a good old fashioned list. I personally find the list the easiest way to get around, plus the animations when clicking through the pagesmoncler hombre in icon mode make me feel a little nauseous (rather than jumping to the page, the icons slide along the screen until you get to where you���re going). Again this is a personal preference, and given that there is an alternative in place, not really an issue for me.

32Red game navigation by list
32Red game navigation by list

32Red game navigation by icons
32Red game navigation by icon

The instant play casino is only available on Internet Explorer and Firefox. Both are relatively slow browsers (I’m a recent convert to Chrome), and loading a game can take a while, so unless you’re out and about on someone else’s computer, you’re probably better off sticking with the download version for now. I also have a smallwindows10explained.com niggle with the green on red descriptions for many of the instant play casino games as I find them difficult to read – maybe I’m a bit colour-blind though!


In conclusion, it’s pretty clear why 32Red have the reputation that they do. The foundation provided by the software (which provides a huge catalogue of games to play on), is built upon and cemented by top notch customer service. This backed with the relative security of playing at a casino run by a company that is listed on the London Stock Exchange & the controls and regulations that go with that (let alone those imposed for its gaming licence from the Gibraltarian Regulatory Authority – one of the UK governments approved gambling jurisdictions), means that finding a better online casino to play at than 32Red is going to be a hardwindows 10 product key task indeed!

You should give 32Red a try now by clicking here.