Amazon Adventure

Amazon Adventure is the first Chartwell Slot that we’ve reviewed on Oggs. Chartwell Slots are a little different, in that they are all “instant play”, rather than being included in a download version of the Casino. Amazon Adventure is also a little different from other slots that I’ve played…

Instead of a set of 3 or 5 reels, there is a grid of 16 individual reels that when you spin, can be set to spin either as if it were standard reels or in a random pattern. Another difference is that the paylines don’t flow left to right, but are instead, 4 horizontal rows, 4 vertical rows, plus the two main diagonals.

As the name suggests, this slot has a jungle theme, and the top paying symbols are based on animals that you’d expect to find there. The graphics aren’t great, but they’re presentable, and the game also runs pretty quickly in the browser. My main gripe was that I couldn’t find an auto-spin feature, which meant a lot of clicking ‘spin’, but if you’re only playing for a short while, this shouldn’t be too big an issue.


The bonuses work a little differently to other slots that I’ve seen. Here, each time a bonus symbol appears, your “Adventurer” moves on another spot along the relevant path on the map (either one of the imaginatively titled “Bonus 1” or “Bonus 2”). Each bonus has 10 stops along the way & according to the help feature:-

“The bonus is calculated by taking the average number of coins bet since the last time the bonus was triggered and multiplying it by a randomly generated number.”

Bonus 1 screenshot Bonus 2 screenshot

This therefore rewards the player who plays with a higher bet per spin, but since it works on an average, this opens up the option of increasing your bets as you get closer to the end goal (which they show you on the little maps to the right) so that you can improve your bonus payout by increasing your average value without getting totally wiped out getting there!

When I was playing, the “Bonus 1” tiles seemed to pop up much more frequently than the “Bonus 2” ones. I wasn’t keeping track, but I seemed to activate “Bonus 1” 2 or 3 times before managing to hit “Bonus 2”. Again, per the help, the bonus progressions are held in the system for the next time you load up the slot.


Any five or more 7’s that appear anywhere on the board will activate the scatter feature. Paying from 2 credits all the way up to 2,500!


Nice slot for a quick spin (the lack of auto spins makes a longer session annoying), which I guess being an instant play, is what they’re aiming for. The graphics are ok for an instant play game, and the game’s speed (in terms of loading and running) is such that there are no notable issues in this respect. If you’re looking for something a little different to the main Microgaming or Playtech slots, then give this game a try 🙂

You can try Amazon Adventure at Betfair, or click on the following link to find Online Casinos using Chartwell Software.