Can free bets improve your odds?

Einstein is quoted to have once said that he did not believe that God played with dice. I have to disagree with Einstein on this one, holding to the opinion that the Creator has to be the eternal bookie in the sky.

Thus believing gambling to be as old as, and a natural part of, life, I have to ask whether Adam sorted the odds of being found out eating the apple before he took the first bite; we are still paying in instalments for Adam’s bum bet, having since been evicted from the Gardens of Eden. Does the lion weigh his chances of catching the deer before springing upon his hunt? No money changed hands, but it was no free betting either. The lion staked a morning’s dollop of energy against filling his stomach with venison. Adam stake was high as it was unknown. No money changed hands but the bets still cost.

Maybe the need to gamble, take a chance or embark on risky ventures is a part of the nature of life? Do gamblers always know the risks? Do they ever know the costs? Do we look for the adrenalin from a gamble we can’t afford? Is the gamble for real reward or for the sake of the gamble itself? What makes a man step further and become addicted? This dark side of nature is fascinating and I promise myself to seek out the available research done on the subject.

As almost everyone knows, there is no such thing as free lunch. By the same token there is no such thing as a free bet. As luck would have it however, there is a promotion by British Bookmakers to offer newly acquired clients a come on of a free bet, motivated by establishing a longer term
relationship, during which they will no doubt recover it with the margin from his turnover. For those who bet anyway, it may not be a bad idea to try other reputable Bookmakers, collecting the free bets along the way.

The 5 reputable Bookmakers listed below, are licensed in UK Gambling Acts’ whitelist jurisdictions (and as such, unlikely to cheat or run away with their satchels after a win), and offer introductory free bets. With many interesting upcoming events such as the election debate winner, the general election winner, odds on a now favoured hung parliament, a long program of top class racing in the classics, the tennis season at Wimbledon, the list is endless. Our bookmakers offer free bets, but vary from one book to another. So if you intend to bet anyway, remember there is no free bet, but a free bet strategy well applied can reduce the odds. Good hunting.

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