Captain Cooks EU Casino

Euro version of popular online casino with a ship theme running through the software and support! An excellent variety of casino games on offer covering pokers, slots and table games in abundance. Take care to register for the Loyalty program before you start playing to take advantage of the VIP cashback rewards.

Detailed review:

Captain Cooks, unsurprisingly, has a seafaring theme that is caried over into everything they do. Right down to the support emails which i found quite amusing. They use the popular Microgaming software which is reviewed in more detail below and whil ethe lobby isn’t the most attractive i’ve encountered, it’s clearly laid out and easy to use.

Their support (when my $16 free bonus didn’t show up within the expected 24 hours) was to be fair very prompt, sorting the problem out within 15 minutes of an email. They offer live support through the casino software too. The $16 free is obviously subject to Minimum Wagering Requirements and in itself isn’t enough to warrant trying Cooks, but the overall experience during review was of a reliable and friendly service.