Da Vinci Diamonds

Da Vinci Diamonds is one of the more popular Wagerworks slots. It is themed on the legendary painter and the symbols used in the game are based on his works (including the Mona Lisa) and several diamonds/gems (hence the name!). The slot itself has 20 lines, but the interesting feature of the slot, are the so called “Tumbling Reels”.

These essentially mean that the slot does not have a fixed set of reels as a mechanical slot might, rather, the symbols are dropped at random from the top of the screen into the playing area. No different so far, but the shtick is that when you get a winning combination, the relevant symbols disappear, and new ones fall to fill the gaps, potentially resulting in additional wins (it’s actually pretty cool when you get a few wins off one spin!).

The Tumbling Reels feature means that winning combinations disappear and new symbols fall to fill in the gaps
The Tumbling Reels feature: Winning combinations disappear and new symbols drop in to fill in the gaps


There are some minor niggles with the gameplay – an autospin feature would be nice (didn’t see it if there was one), plus it would be useful to be able to skip the winning sequence – at the moment there are a few seconds where you can’t do anything but wait for it to bring back the ‘play’ button, though I’m not sure if this is a feature of the game, or to do with the speed of my internet connection. These are relatively minor, but would be annoying on a longer session.


There is no bonus game per se; however, there are additional symbols that come into use during the free spins round. Initially activated by 3 ‘bonus’ symbols in a row appearing on a given payline, additional free spins can be triggered up to a maximum of 300 spins, but you’ll have to be pretty lucky to pull that off.


All in all though, this is a nice slot to play, and we can see why it’s one of the more popular games played. You get regular hits as you spin which keeps you involved, and the Tumbling Reels is a great feature. I played for quite some time without hitting the free spins feature, but this was not the end of the world for me, and didn’t put me off – it’s just how it goes sometimes!

You should try Da Vinci Diamonds at Virgin Casino.