Derren Brown Reveals How He Predicted The National Lottery

Apparently we can all win the UK Lottery or any lotteries if we use the wisdom of crowd sourcing. This is how British, master of magic and illusion, Derren Brown, explained the work behind predicting all six UK National Lottery balls last Wednesday 9th September, which stunned the country and sent his name all round the world on the Twittersphere, Facebook and network news stations.

He had taken 24 ordinary individuals from all walks of life, put them together in a classroom and then first gave them all the past year’s Lotto draws and asked them to come up with the next 6 numbers they felt would be picked by the machines.

He then added up each column of numbers and divided by the number of people (24) to give the average number. The six numbers chosen this way resulted in 3 correct Lottery numbers that draw (which would have equated to a £10 win to a £1 stake), so they continued the experiment further.

The 24 individuals were put through some team bonding sessions, and working more as a team they relaxed with each other, trusted one another more. Then he asked them back in the class room to relax their minds, even close their eyes, let their minds wonder and let their hands write whatever they wanted. Being less connected to your thoughts the numbers that were written should be freer of bias, greed etc.

This time of the 23 who took part, the numbers produced hit 4 of the National Lottery results at the weekend, so bouyed by such apparent success the 24 met again and the numbers chosen this time hit the jackpot of all 6! A whopping £2.4m could have been one!

Of course none of them had the winning ticket, the participants weren’t told the average number of all their predictions prior to the winning draw, but who knows if they are all meeting up again for this weekend’s roll-over Lotto draw estimated at £7.5 million predicting the winning numbers. If I was them I’d certainly be reconvening once or twice a week, but as Derren Brown had said to them at the start it doesn’t seem to work well if greed is involved.

Well of course the conspiracy theorists still have other ideas on how he did it, and of course it made immensely interesting viewing for everyone. It was the leading trending topic on Twitter this week and elevates him above David Blayne in my eyes, plus of course it means his Friday night Channel 4 show will get a guaranteed big audience, but I’ll be asking my 23 other work colleagues on Monday morning to sit in our conference room and choose some numbers now.

Will you be too?

On the other hand it might just have been a little camera trickery after all – Voila!

If you watch the original above you’ll see the last number 39 ball rises during the event. A possible camera trick then… Only Derren really knows.