Beginners Guide to Horse Racing


Horse racing – at a basic level, supremely simple – the first horse past the post wins, but the details can be a little daunting, and once you get hooked, examining the “form” and trying to beat everyone else to pick the winner can become an engaging obsession to say nothing of the excitement when your horse comes in!

This guide has been written with a focus on UK horse racing, to support the new horse-racing section here at It has been written to try to help explain the important aspects of the sport to the uninitiated, and therefore if you do know a bit about horse racing, it may be explaining something that is obvious to you at times.

For those of you that are more expert, you may wish to take a look at our horse racing resources pages. We’re working on bringing you profile pages for major events, famous horses and jockeys as well as plenty of statistics to pore over.

Finally, we’ve tried to cover the basics here – if there’s anything we’ve missed out, messed up or if you would like to make any suggestions please email We hope you find this guide useful, and welcome you to the wonderful sport that is horse racing.

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