Jenga – Online Slot Review

The popular Jenga block game is just as exciting to play in video slot form as it is as a physical game!

You can play this three dimensional Party Casino slot for a penny per line up to $10.00 per line and choose to play nine to eighteen lines at a time.

Unlike any other slot I’ve played, the pay table is determined by color lines, layer bombs and magic color blocks and not any character-themed symbols. Each color has a specific coin win value.

A bonus block is awarded for each block in a winning combination and added to the top of the tower replacing randomly removed, original blocks. Magic blocks transform the colors of the surrounding blocks to achieve a match. Layer bombs remove full layers from the tower and replace them with new blocks on top.

Should the tower collapse it will trigger a free game round.

My Play

I began play with $25 betting ten cents on all eighteen lines for a total spin of $1.80. Within a total of 72 spins, the magic color blocks completed eight wins for me, the tower fell three times awarding me with extra games, and I had some nice layer wins between $9.00 & $71.70! I ended play ahead by $56.00.


Jenga is sure to bring you back after playing it just one time! It’s dimensional, unique, exciting, & definitely addictive fun to play! You’ve really got to play it to experience it. A thumbs-up on this one for sure!