Littlewoods Casino

Another Cryptologic casino that I used to play regularly. You get a reasonable signup bonus, monthly bonus for all casino members (after £1,000 of bets have been placed) and a good range of games. You are dealing with a very reputable UK household name (famous for providing the UK soccer pools) and consequently get fast payments through Ecash. Littlewoods does not accept US players, and last time I checked you had to be in UK pounds, but it still gets my vote for being among the most straightforward, no-nonsense and reliable online casinos. Kind of similar to William Hill and Intercasino – the same software and games anyway although the popular Intercasino has way more games and William Hill’s support is notorious (it’s bad!).

Detailed review:

Littlewoods is best known in the UK for running the Football (Soccer!) Pools for decades so it’s no real surprise to see thme launch an online casino. Like William Hill, they have chosen to go with the Cryptologic software platform with *all* it’s games in a very likeable format. The software also has the infamous Millionaires Club Slot which has a jackpot that has surpassed 2,000,000 once already.

The software has a “Tournaments” button for Table Games but on the odd occassion i have clicked on this, have found no tournaments running so i can’t vouch as to what and when these are. They don’t tend to offer up too many promotions at Littlewoods – the signup bonus and monthly bonus are generally about as good as it gets and both have quite hefty playthrough requirements. Another minor gripe, like with other Crypto casinos, is that you don’t appear to have a choice of whether you receive the bonus (some players regard Playthrough as a hindrance to winning). However, they do do a monthly draw for cash and on a couple of occasions in the first 6 months of playing here I received £100. That said, due to legal requirements, they email you a winner notification and you have to claim the award. In one instance, I didn’t reply for a month as the email got caught in my Hotmail spam filter and for some reason, Littlewoods have been reluctant to pay it despite repeated requests…no reason given but nothing in the rules that says there is a time limit on claiming. Make of that what you will.

Littlewoods offer good banking facilities and prompt payouts supporting credit card, debit cards and NETeller through the Ecash interface. I generally play with a debit card and its never taken longer than 48 hours for withdrawals from Littlewoods (Ecash) to reach my bank account. One thing i did note is that you can’t withdraw to NETeller until you have deposited at least £20 through the same method.

You also get monthly bonuses and VIP “cash-back” on all stakes at Littlewoods which can actually add to the percentage return significantly! At the time of review, the cash-back is accumulated at the rate of 0.01p for every 10 staked and pays the accumulated cash back to your account on a fixed day (25th) of the month as long as you have accumulated 2000 points (£20). Any shortfall is carried over. This doesn’t sound a lot but i’ve found that playing Video Poker this comes out somewhere between 0.5% and 0.8% of my deposits each month. When you add this return to the excellent 99.94% payout of Double Bonus Video Poker, it effectively means you are playing a 100.04% game!