Overview – Online Poker

Although multiplayer poker is the obvious choice for many, there are several single player poker game variations which can be found at online casinos.

One of the best examples of a single player poker game is Cyberstud Poker, which in itself also bred the Cyberstud Progressive Poker game, the same game but with a progressive jackpot attached. Both these variations are among the most popular poker games for solo players.

The poker game that pretty much every regular casino player will know is of course the very simple Three Card Poker, which doesn’t need much of an explanation I’m sure! This is sometimes also known as Tri Card Poker, which while it looks slightly different, is essentially the same game. You’ll also find the popular games, Caribbean Stud Poker and Pai Gow Poker online, again sometimes coming in different formats, such as the “bonus” format of Bonus Pai Gow Poker.

On a personal note, I find multiplayer poker far more entertaining, but the single player poker games definately have a place, and also have the advantage of playing much quicker of course. That siad, some online casinos have combines a Multiplayer Poker product into their casino – normally it’s the other way round – so some players will have the option of single player or multiplayer without having to exit the software. All good!

For the poker die-hards, also check out Spice Island Poker – it’s not one I’ve ever played myself but I’m told it’s an entertaining variant. Then of course there are the Video Poker games like those shown in the screenshots to the right. These are often fast and furious and you can play up to 100 hands simultaneously.