Overview – Table Games

I’ve talked a little bit previously about the different categories of casino games you will find at today’s online casinos. Here I’ll take a bit more of an in-depth view about table games, or those games that are generally provided at land based casinos in a multiplayer environment. Each of the links on this page will present you with a list of casinos that have the game in question.

Although as you’d expect, the usual suspects such as Blackjack, Bacarrat, Roulette and Craps all feature strongly at pretty much every online casino, there are plenty of variants of these games and several lesser known ones to choose from. In fact, you’ll probably find 50 or more table games and variants thereof at the average online casino, so there should be enough choice!

As you’ll see from the links that follow, there are also a number of casinos that provide more niche games such as War and the oft ignored Red Dog casino game, although these tend to come in one variant. Also, a game not found at many online casinos (well, only one that I know of in fact!) is Punto Banco. Just don’t ask me how it’s played!

If however you are a Blackjack officianado, then you’ll be wooed with all sorts of variations on the game, including Atlantic City Blackjack, Multi-Split Blackjack or Vegas Strip Blackjack to name a few. Even the old casino game stalwarts like Roulette now come in various flavours: American Roulette with both “0” and “00”, now what’s that all about (?), European Roulette (oh and a variant of that called European Roulette Gold for what it’s worth) and the latest offering, French Roulette. And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Personally I’ll stick to European Roulette with a decent house edge methinks, but each to their own. Actually, a bit of a hint here: if Roulette is your thing, avoid the Microgaming casinos as, while the are top-notch in most other departments, their Roulette graphics are about as exciting as watching paint dry and equally s inspiring. LOL.

As you surely know, online poker has become a major source of fun these days, so the casinos have taken the whole multiplayer environment and started to look at how other games can be adapted. But if you are an avid poker fan, then you are probably best advised to download one of the plentiful stand-alone poker rooms which are much better. As a consequence of the multi-player poker popularity explosion, we now not only find Multiplayer Poker games turning up in some casinos, but also Multiplayer Blackjack too. It’s actually a good twist and one that’s sure to expand, but be careful of the “live dealer” environment. Sounds like a brilliant concept but you have no comeback. It’s conducted over live video feeds but as a result you can’t keep player logs or “proof” and there have been one or two stories recently of players claiming a dealer has pulled a fast one. It may not be so, but it is a pertinent point and one that would make me wary. There aren’t that many casinos doing this (yet) but I think I’ll stick to Pontoon or Super 21 nonetheless!

As I’ve touched on poker, it’s worth noting that while normally multiplayer poker is conducted at stand-alone poker rooms (with the exception of the casinos via the link above), there are several poker variants for you to play at casinos in a one-on-one situation. Notable games in this area include the Progressive Jackpot game Caribbean Stud Poker and the popular 3 Card Poker. One I play a little, and also with a healthy progressive jackpot for a Royal Flush, is Progressive Poker Ride. Actually while I think about it, there is also a Progressive Blackjack game at some online casinos now. Not surprising I guess.

I haven’t covered all the table games here by some distance, but the underlying message is that if you can name it, you’ll probably find it. To the right you will see a “Casino Game Search” box which you can use to track down all the online casinos that have your favourite game.

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