Casino Depositing and Banking Options

Depositing & Banking Options

Aside from the obvious debit and credit cards, there are other ways to fund an online casino acount, including a number of online banking services, usually referred to as eWallets. A number of these can be used to deposit to and receive cashouts from online casinos, but each has it’s quirks and for USA residents, these have become much more limited since the UIGEA legislation in 2006 – US residents are however finding a lot of joy using Ecocard.

In the links in the right navigation menu I highlight a few of the methods that you may find suit you. Your ability to use some of these services may sometimes depend on where you reside and the attitude in your country towards online gambling.

For example, in the USA, credit card companies restrict the use of credit cards and refuse online gambling transactions due to pressure from the government. However, there are Prepaid credit card options available to US residents from offshore companies which act as a VISA card and allow US residents with a checking account to deposit into the Prepaid account, then use the Prepaid card to fund the casinos.

One of the biggest frustrations faced by casino players is the number of casinos who will not, or cannot, refund winnings back to a “credit card”. This is why it always pays to have an eWallet, some of which provide ATM cards and methods for withdrawing back to a bank account. Read the eWallets section for more regarding Neteller.