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Loyalty bonuses tend to be a different kettle of fish to signup bonuses, generally (though not always!) with less stringent conditions attached. A loyalty bonus is offered to players who have been playing at a casino for a period of time and this is at the discretion of the casino. Often you will find there is a “monthly match” bonus, similar to a signup bonus with similar terms, available to all players who have previously signed up, irresepective of how regularly they play. Treat these like signup bonuses and you won’t go far wrong…ie: check the T&C’s and details as discussed here previously.

A number of casinos refrain from actually publishing details about loyalty bonuses, and this is largely because they tend to be by “invitation” to frequent players, high rollers and valued regulars. In some instances they can be very generous and a number of casinos hand out “birthday” match bonuses, sometimes even as freebies. A lot will depend on how often you play there, and will normally be bundled in with the common “VIP Scheme”, or “Loyalty Program”. On each casino’s homepage you are likely to find a “Players Club” or “Loyalty Scheme” link which will explain how it works at that establishment. Obviously these schemes vary considerably, but the usual structure is to find a “silver”, “gold” and “platinum” tiered scheme. You will, depending on how much you wager over a given time period, be escalated accordingly and the benefits will vary.

If you consider yourself to be a high-roller, which is difficult to define as opinions vary, but for thse purposes assume that you deposit $10,000+ in a given month, it pays to shop around for a casino with a good loyalty scheme. At this level it does no harm to email or call up the casino and ask them about extra benefits available. Part of receiving preferential treatment is the relationship factor. A casino who know you and you develop a good rapport with are far more likely to pass on special incentives and gifts. A number of online casinos send out Christmas gifts and birthday gifts…it’s just a question of finding the right one.

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