Online Casino Security, Documentation and ID

Security, Documentation & ID

When you become a new customer at a casino, have made your first deposit(s), and come to cash out, the casino will check your security details to ensure that everything is above board. Correction – *should* check your security details! The strictness applied on this process varies from casino to casino, but is usually a one-time process. Some casinos do not conduct this security check on small cashouts, but a cashout over a “trigger” amount, often not publicised, will put the cogs in motion. Therefore, it is very common for a casino to ask you for “proof of ID” before they send you your first winning cashout.

Proof of ID usually consists of two or three pieces of documentation which can be posted or scanned/photographed and emailed to the casino when they request it. Obviously it needs to be legible, so take care if you are doing this electronically or by fax. You will invariably be asked for a copy of your Passport, Drivers licence or a similar piece of “photo ID”, along with a copy of a recent utility bill, not less than three months old. Where you are not a householder, some other form of official letter displaying your name and address will do. Once on record, you shouldn’t be asked by that casino a second time.

Be prepared to expect this although you may find that, depending on where you live, the casino and your patter of play, that it is not requested. Obviously it is therefore essential that when you first register your casino account, you are truthful about your age, address and circumstances or it could lead to cashouts failing security checks. This security check will invariably delay your first payment by a day or three also.