Online Casino Signup Bonuses

Casino Signup Bonuses

If you haven’t done so already, I’d strongly suggest reading my brief synopsis on The History Of The Casino Bonus before continuing as it will give you a good understanding of why they exist and how they are intended to be treated.

As we have previously seen, there are two common conditions attached to signup bonuses: the “wagering requirement”, or the total of bets, that a player needs to place before cashing out, and the “game restrictions”, a list of games that most casinos exclude from bonus wagering requirements. We will look at these in a bit more detail in a moment, as these are by far and way the most common cause of complaints in online casino world, often caused by complicated terms and conditions or player misunderstandings. The exception to this rule, or rather a vast simplification of this rule, is the new Microgaming “eZbonus” system which has been adopted by some casinos.

Before I go on however, I should also briefly explain that there are generally three types of signup bonus: the “no-deposit” free bonus, the “match” bonus and the “sticky” bonus. The no-deposit bonus is an offer by the casino to deposit a small amount of money into your account after you register, with no deposit required. Typically this is $10, $15 or $25 – I’ve never come across one offering more than this. The “match” bonus is the most common bonus and offers you a percentage match on your first deposit. Normally 100%, but anything between 50% and 300%, occasionally more, you’ll see these bonuses at almost every casino, including the few that offer no-deposit bonus options. Finally, the “sticky” bonus is similar to a match bonus, and is advertised as a match bonus, but has an additional term attached whereby you can never withdraw the bonus itself, even if you meet the wagering requirements.

The key to understanding the bonus on offer and whether it is worth claiming is in the Terms & Conditions at each casino. A slight point of confusion arises here: the casino will have a clear link to the “Terms & Conditions”, normally on it’s website homepage, however these are conditions of play and generally concerned with who, where and how you can play at the casino. The bonus conditions are normally seperate and found under the “Promotions” heading on the homepage. Do not think because the normal Terms & Conditions contain no information about the bonus that it is an easy play! There are ALWAYS seperate terms for all bonuses and promotions on offer.

Our next section covers What To Check For when participating in a signup bonus.