Online Casino Software Overview

The Different Casino Software Platforms

As previously mentioned, most online casinos use gaming software created and maintained by third party suppliers who then licence it to the casinos. A similar concept applies to poker rooms also. As a result we have several “software platforms” in the business which run as a base for the majority of online casinos.

You will start to recognise which software powers which casino as you trawl around the casino websites. Normally each casino will have a “casino games” link which shows previews of a number of the games. You’ll see some example screenshots of the different softwares on this page. If for some reason you cannot determine which casino is on which software, a Google search for ” software” will normally turn up the results.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the software is going to be good, or even fair! Some casinos have created their own software which raises the issue of control. Can they, or do they, affect the payout percentages when they feel like it? The clue here may be in the “audited payout” information for the casino. This should be displayed on the casinos website and show recent figures showing how much each group of games has paid out (in % terms) over the past months.

In general, these are the most common software platforms in use at online casinos today. I have divided them into 3 lists based loosely on reputation: strong, okay and not so strong. The “reputation” I have classed each as is purely based on my opinion, which in turn is a generalisation gleaned years of playing and contact with other players. You will undoubtedly find others who disgaree with me!

On a personal note, I only generally play at casinos on the “STRONG” list (below), the reason being that these software providers are very strict about who purchases and maintains licences to operate casinos on their platform.

Casino Software
Strong OK Not so Strong
Cryptologic Microgaming Playtech
Boss Media