The Online Casino Bonus

Casino Bonuses

Before I start, I have one piece of very important advice which you choose to ignore at your peril if you intend sticking around the online casino scene:

Do NOT join a casino based on the generosity of their signup bonus

If you only take one thing away from this website, then make it that. Or be prepared to lose your initial deposit and join the ranks of disillusioned gamblers! What you want is an honest casino, who treats you right and gives you a fair shot at winning and unfortunately, those casinos who don’t have a good reputation have to fall back on bonus offers that often sound too good to be true. And they always are! Steeped in restrictions, odd clauses and on some occasions simply there to extort money from “mug punters”.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

As you trawl the online casino ether, you’ll notice that virtually every casino offers a “signup bonus” to first-time players. The majority of casinos also offer regular bonuses to players who stay loyal to that casino over a period of time, referred to as “loyalty bonuses”. Loyalty bonuses normally form part of a “VIP program” or “Loyalty Scheme” where other rewards are also offered.

I have strong opinions on bonuses and am not an advocate of signup bonuses. Below I will explain why, but nonetheless they do provide an attractive incentive to a number of players. Loyalty bonuses on the other hand make a lot of sense. The most important thing to bear in mind however is that all signup bonuses come with strings attached, as do the majority of loyalty bonuses, albeit with more elasticity!

Before explaining the pitfalls and advantages of bonuses, I’ll introduce you to a little history in the next section which will go a long way to explaining the current situation.

My Conclusions

But before I do that, in a rather back-to-front fashion, I’m going to present my own “conclusions” on bonuses…just in case you don’t get that far! I rarely take a signup bonus as they are just so wrapped up in red tape and restrictions that I will invariably lose my initial deposit. I will play with loyalty bonuses which tend to be fairer. Quite simple really.

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