What Not To Do at Online Casinos

What Not To Do

Or more accurately “What not to do and what not to expect”! There are a number of things that you kind of take for granted which come back to haunt you aswell as some things that you don’t even think about, or just miss! Yes…one or two of these may seem obvious but they are all valid points, so worth pointing out, particularly to the more inexperienced player.

Don’t break the law: some countries/states don’t allow you to play online casinos & those that do have a minimum age limit which varies between 18 and 21. It’s essential you know what your country allows, as even if you take a risk that you won’t be caught, casino security checks when you cashout will spot the problem, and they may not be able to pay you by law.

Don’t always take the signup bonus: As mentioned in detail in the casino bonuses section, bonuses usually come with stringent terms attached and these often give the player very little chance of cashing out from their first deposit. Check the casino website “promotions” pages for Terms and if you decide not to play with the bonus, check to see if it is credited automatically on your first deposit (Playtech casinos and Cryptologic casinos do this, as do some Microgaming). If it is, email casino support and tell them you don’t want the bonus before you deposit (and wait for a response!). Or find another casino!

Don’t open multiple accounts from one household: It’s amazing how many players try to scam extra bonuses by faking new accounts. The casinos are more than wise to the methods now and few are succesfull in profiting. the downside is that two people from the same household wishing to play the same casino will likely raise warning flags at the casino. If you need to do this, email the casino first and ask them if it’s okay.

Don’t open an account unless you have photo ID: If you ever win a decent amount, most casinos will ask you for proof of ID which will include a piece of Photo ID. If you don’t have this, and at least one other document with your name and address on, then don’t bother playing until you do (unless you’re happy losing 😉  ).

Don’t play a casino because of it’s bonus offer: Unless you know it well. There are lots of poorly legislated casinos out there and scammers who spam away trying to get people to deposit, if only for their credit card info. Be careful and stick to casinos you see recommended by trusted sources (the red links throughout this site will take you to some good sources of information for this).

Don’t play strategy games if you don’t know the strategy: or you’ll lose. Simple as that 😀