Online Slots Overview

While online video slots are in many very similar to traditional slot machines, they differ in many respects having an increased number of reels, wild & scatter symbols, and the ability to play in excess of five coins per line (if you choose to do so). They are similar in that they share the most basic elements. The most obvious difference is the fact that if you want to play a physical slot machine, you have to head over to a land-based casino to do so (duh). If you want to play online video slots, however, you can do so by playing through an online casino via a free download of the casinos software or in some cases playing directly through your browser at the casinos website.

The traditional, classic slot machine usually has three reels, with roughly eight symbols or less, on them and a single to five paylines that can produce winnings. This results in a basic game of putting money in & hoping that the symbols match up on one of the paylines in order to win. Online video slots take all these basic elements, run them with a computer program, and augment the experience greatly by adding more lines, more symbols (wild and scatters), and features such as free spins and bonus games. This is all accentuated with animation and sound to enhance your playing experience.  The whole point of video slots is to provide a slot experience that is not monotonous or boring. If you’re going to spend money on something, and hopefully win, you should at least be entertained whilst doing so!

Every online video slot machine is controlled by a computer program referred to as the random number generator. This program makes thousands of mathematical calculations a second to determine which combination of symbols will appear on the reels. Once you press “spin”, the program picks numbers at that exact moment. Thus, you don’t really need to see anything spinning, or at least, that has nothing to do with the outcome. It is, though, much more exciting during play to see and adds to the experience of the game. We will cover more on the random number generator and certification of this, as well as the percentage payout in a separate article.

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