Online Slots – “Variance”

Another thing to consider when choosing a slot to play online is to consider the variance of the slot. Variance is basically the risk over time on a slot machine. Generally there are three “levels” of variance… low, medium and high. A low variance slot usually gives you a longer play time with lower risk in playing. Also, your chances of winning big on a low variance slot are lower. A medium variance slot is one that allows your play time to increase and your chance of hitting something big also increases. A high variance slot won’t hit much but when it does your wins are bigger.

The best way to figure the variance of a slot on your own is, again, play the slot in fun mode and track what is taking place. If your balance really didn’t decrease and you are winning small amounts to sustain your play, it is probably a low variance slot. Check the pay table as well for the slot you are playing… if the bonus or free spin features carry a triple multiplier or higher, it is likely that slot is a low variance slot. Or, if the payout for three-of-a-kind is not much less than five-of-a-kind, the slot is likely to have a low variance. Again, pay attention to the pay tables.

Note the symbols and their payout values. If, for example, the scatter symbols pay several times your bet, or five wild symbols award you an excess of 7,500 coins, that slot will likely be a medium variance slot. Now if you see that your balance decreases quickly or you hit a big win the slot you are playing is likely a high variance slot. Another good indicator of a high variance slot is to note if four or five-of-a-kind pays out a lot more than three -of-a-kind.

Basically, do your research before depositing to play. Search the web, online casino websites, gambling related websites or even google various related phrases to view all that is out there to protect your interests.

Winning on slots is a game of pure luck and depends entirely on the random number generator.  What you do on one spin has absolutely nothing to do with what happens on your next spin. If you win a jackpot on your first spin, you have just as much of a chance to win a jackpot on your second spin. You have no greater, or less, of a chance winning or losing playing either online or at a land-based casino.

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