Pharoah’s Secrets

Pharoah’s Secrets is a relatively new slot game from Playtech. Not surprisingly from the name, this slot has an Egyptian theme! Pharoah’s Secrets refers to the bonus game (see more later in this review) – one where you can win up to 100 free spins & you can re-trigger these indefinitely! (assuming your luck holds out of course…)

The game features 5 reels, with 20 paylines to choose from. Pharoah’s Secrets has both Wild and Scatter symbols – and 3 or more of the scatter symbols will activate the bonus feature. You can also gamble your wins, which is done via the standard Playtech mechanism of betting on picking out a higher card than the shown one.

Pharoah’s Secrets Bonus

Once triggered, you will be offered the choice of 3 symbols – select one, then the board re-sets and a number of your chosen symbols appear. The number that are displayed relates to the number of free-spins that you are awarded – up to 100! Also, the wild acts as an expanding wild during free-spins (regardless of whether the XtraWin option is activated or not – see more below).

As noted earlier on in the review, the free spins can be infinitely re-triggered during this feature.


This is also a relatively new feature, which the overly dramatic intro video explains pretty well! It is a choice whether you want to activate this or not, but activate it and an extra 50% of your bet is invested per spin. Well, doesn’t sound great so far, but with XtraWin on, wild symbols turn into expanding wilds & according to the blurb, having it turned on improves the overall game payout.


When we played this slot for our review, the gameplay was pretty steady, with lots of small wins which meant we didn’t burn through our wallet too quickly, but at the same time, we didn’t get any stellar wins. The Pharoah’s Secrets bonus took a long time to activate for us, though we guess that this will depend on your session.

We were teased a lot – once you get 2 out of the 3 required symbols, the game ratchets up the tension (as is done on other slots), but most of the time we were unlucky in this respect. Once it does activate, and you get a decent number of spins, you can get a pretty generous payout, but we wouldn’t rely on it if we were you…