Power Spins – Sonic 7’s

Power Spins – Sonic 7’s is a new slot from Microgaming based on a classic 3 reel slot (with traditional bells, cherries and bar symbols) that has been updated into a 5 reel video slot. The game itself has 9 lines and line wins start from a low of 4 coins for 3 of any ‘Bar’ symbol (based on 1 coin bet per line) going all the way up to a crazy 200,000 coins for 5 wilds on a payline at the max 10 coins per line!

The main shtick (if you will) is to do with the Power Spins. This is an option that you can turn on at a cost of an additional 3x your line bet, so if you have 5 coins per line, it’s an extra 15 coins per spin; 1 coin, only 3 additional coins – you get the idea.

But what does activating the Power Spins do? Well, it gives you access to an up to 8x multiplier that kicks in when you get a wild symbol completing a pay line winning combination for you, though most of the time, it seems to be only a 2x multiplier! (you need to get a few lined up in a row to get them to add up). During our play, it didn’t seem to be really worth having the power spins active. I guess, if you’re holding out for a big win, getting 3 wilds in a row would give you 250x line bet for that line, combined with a 6x multiplier, which would be pretty freaking awesome to get, but a result that would seem quite rare…

There’s no gamble feature on this one, but there is an expert mode as is usual for Microgaming slots – be sure to make sure ‘quick spins’ is switched on though, otherwise the auto-spins can be frustratingly slow.


Power Spins – Sonic 7’s has the potential for a really spectacular win (if you have power spins activated and hit several wilds in a row on a payline), but the odds of that seem to be pretty low. I guess it’s one of those games where you’ll probably wonder what all the fuss is about , but if you hit the big win, or get close to it on one of the first couple of times that you play, you’ll be hooked trying to reach that goal again.