Random Number Generators and Certifications

As touched upon in a previous article within our Online Casino Guide, Online Slots are powered by a random number generator program that ensures that the Online Casino is not fixing the results in their favour. Understandably, players are worried about something that they cannot see and therefore, many Online Casinos have their software programs checked by an independent company.

These will often have a “seal” or logo that will be present at the bottom of the casino’s website so that you know that they have been tested. Many online casinos will draw your attention to these in any case, since they know that these accreditations help them to convince players that they are trustworthy.

Many reputable & secure online casino sites are certified by an organisation called eCogra and are noted as such by a seal of certification noted on the casino’s website. By clicking onto the eCogra logo (usually found at the bottom of the main page of the casino website), you can also view a monthly report of the casino’s slots and their payout percentage. Knowing these stats can also help you with your play of online slots as you will be able to determine which of the online casinos have the lowest & highest slot payouts.

Another well known independent testing company is Technical Systems Testing or TST. This company is best known for testing random number generators, but will also do checks on the payout percentages at a given casino. The logo will again be linked to a document or similar that verifies that the checks have been completed satisfactorily.

Other logos to look out for are the licensing jurisdiction logos. This is not an indicator of fairness, but can be used to get an idea of how well regulated the particular online casino will be. This is not the be all and end all; there are plenty of good online casinos that are based in some of the “weaker” jurisdictions, but a casino is more likely to be reputable if it is based in one of the stricter countries.

A good place to start is the UK government’s so called “Whitelist” of jurisdictions that it deems to have acceptable standards that will protect the player during their time at a particular online casino. The list includes EEC member states (for example, the UK and Malta), plus the following additional authorities: Antigua and Barbuda, Gibraltar, Tasmania and Alderney.

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