Reel Play Poker – Jacks or Better

Reel Play Poker – Jacks or Better brings together two of the most popular online casino games to give you a poker themed slot, genius really. Well then, let’s get on with the review.

The paytable is very simple, being based on the standard hands that poker players will be familiar with (Royal Flush, Full House, etc.). There aren’t any of the more complicated slot features here, such as bonus rounds or scatter symbols and this would appear to be by design, in order to tempt poker players into having a go on the slots.

Each spin comes in two parts, the ‘deal spin’ and ‘draw spin’. On the deal spin, 5 cards appear below the main game area. You can click on any of these or all of them to hold them and if held, the corresponding reel above will be filled with that particular card, much like as you would choose to discard cards in a normal game of poker.

Winning hands are calculated on a per payline basis, so the deal spin can be really important – spot a winning combination here and you can lock it in to play over all 20 paylines in the draw spin.

However, regular video slot players might be put off by the lack of special features, and the inability to use an expert mode due to the way the spins have been set up can be quite frustrating if you’re playing for any reasonable length of time. But the ability to preview the reels, then lock in winning combinations, is an attractive and potentially well paid opportunity if played well.

In conclusion, this is an interesting slot. One likely to draw in new slots players from the poker world, but also one that might pick up a few slot fans thanks to the ability to hold the deal cards. We may have been having a lucky run whilst we were testing this slot for the review, but we managed to do quite well, so why not give it a go?