Rubik’s Riches

Rubik’s Riches – Playtech

Rubik’s Riches from Playtech is an unusual slot in that it doesn’t have a conventional playing area. Like the Jenga slot machine, it reflects the game that it’s based on – the Rubik’s Cube.

So how does that work then?

Well, instead of paylines, the ‘slot’ pays out for lines on the cube that have matching colours. Rather than paying out per line, the amounts for each number of lines are displayed to the left of the playing area. (So, for example in the screenshot below, the prize for achieving a total of three lines on the cube would be £1, rather than adding up £0.20+£0.50+£1.00 or having specific amounts tied to specific lines).

Additionally, there are bonus amounts should you get a complete face of a matching colour and are awarded on top of line wins. These are displayed at the top right of the screen.

Bonus Game

This is where the money is! As you play, the letters in “Rubik’s” at the top of the playing area will light up randomly. If all 6 letters are lit up, you’ll access the bonus feature. You’ll be presented with the same Rubik’s Cube, but this time you’ll be invited to peel off some of the stickers.

Peeling off a sticker will reveal additional free-plays, additional cubes or will start the free-plays. As you might be able to guess, you keep going until you reveal a start symbol. During the game you can be awarded with additional free plays or additional cubes (up to a maximum of 9!).

Rubiks Riches Bonus Game

Because of the way the payouts work, the more cubes that you manage to activate into the playing area multiplies your wins massively. Each time we accessed the bonus round during our review play, we always managed to get a big win from it, particularly when we hit a face bonus (or two faces on one occasion!).


We really like Rubik’s Riches! It’s different in a way that’s not just a set of new symbols and backgrounds overlaid on the standard system, which gives it a nice breath of fresh air, and while relatively simple it manages to keep you delightfully entertained. It’s also possible to get some big wins here on the bonus round, which also (for us anyway) didn’t take too much time to trigger.

If you’ve not played it before, definitely worth giving it a try!