South Park Slot Review

If you’re a fan of South Park, then when you see this slot from Net Entertainment, you’re just going to want to give it a go. The slot loads with a short video of one of the gang in Vegas, but we won’t spoil what happens here! If you’re not a fan – this might not be one for you – especially if you’re easily offended.

The game format is a standard video slot, with 5 reels, of 3 symbols each and 25 paylines. The symbols in the game are the picture card symbols (i.e. J, Q, K, A), plus the 4 main characters from the show – Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny. When you hit a win, there’s a short animation, with additional characters from the show making an appearance on the picture cards – for example Butters pops up with a “Whooopee”.

Bonus Games

Cartman Bonus Game

Fans of the show will know, that amongst other things, Cartman really really hates hippies and now they’re planning a music festival in town. Well he’s not having any of that and has busted out his industrial strength mace to flush them out from the bushes.

It’s basically your standard “Pick one of these things” bonus game. You choose bushes, trying not to find Officer Barbrady who will arrest you the second time that he makes an appearance, which will then end the bonus game.

In the meantime though, for each hippy that you find, you’ll earn a coin bonus; find two hippies and you’ll receive a x2 multiplier; find the guy playing Metal music and the bonus game starts over.

Stan’s Bonus Game

Stan’s been going out with Wendy for some time now, but still pukes in her face whenever she goes in for a kiss. The bonus game starts with Wendy and Stan appearing on the screen. When Stan pukes in her face, you’re awarded a sticky wild that’ll remain in place for 2 spins. Additional sticky wilds will be awarded randomly. The feature continues as long as there is still at least one sticky wild in the play area.

Kyle’s Bonus Game

Activating this game awards you with 10 free spins. Reel 5 is special, and if you get the wild symbol with Ike on it, it activates the special feature. In the show, Ike is shaped like an American Football and Kyle gives him a kick. Here, when Kyle kicks Ike, he’ll land on one of several symbols that either can award additional bonus coins, a multiplier or additional free spins.

Kenny’s Bonus Game

In this game you have to get Kenny to safety through three zones. Each zone has three options of a path to choose for Kenny. The first win zone contains just coin wins, the danger zone has 1 trap that might kill Kenny and the multiplier zone, well as you might have guessed, contains multipliers to be applied to your winnings.

Random Wilds

South Park slot machine has a number of randomly activated Wild features.

– Mr Hankie Wild

How to explain Mr Hankie? Well, he’s basically a talking poo that comes to visit at Christmas time. While the idea of a poo based Mr Potato Head might be gross, when you activate this bonus, he’ll bounce around the playing area, and the symbols where he (for lack of a better word) leaves skidmarks, turn to wild symbols. These appear on reels 1, 3 and 5, though 1 or 2 extra wild symbols can appear on other reels at the same time if you’re lucky!

– Terrance and Philip Wild

This farting duo from Canada appears randomly. As they jump around the screen, their farts turn random symbols wild, but only on the central 3 reels of the game.

– Cartman’s Beefcake Wild

Cartman appears on screen, chugs down a can of WeightGain 4000 and creates a 3×3 wild symbol on the middle three reels. The game board then spins, and you’ll end up with either 1, 2 or 3 rows of 3 wild symbols each. It’s a great feature to hit with just one row, and whilst we didn’t hit it during our play with the full 3×3 block on the game area, we can see that it’s got the potential to be huge as it guarantees a 4 symbol win on each of the 25 paylines.

Our Play

During our play, the bonus games didn’t hit very often. There were long stretches of spinning, hitting reasonably small amounts along the way. This was broken up by the regular arrival of one of the random wild features (see earlier in the review). We didn’t win big, but we didn’t lose big either.

There is the potential for some big wins hiding away inside this slot though.

Cartman’s beefcake wild landing fully on the board has the potential to pay out some big wins, particularly if you manage to hit a few high value symbols on reel 1 when it does, or connect up for some 5 symbol lines too.

In theory, Cartman’s mini game where you mace the hippies can last for a while – as long as you don’t come across Officer Barbrady twice. When you find a reset symbol, your wins aren’t lost, just the bushes are reset and you get to click from a fresh start. The first time we played this game, we hit the Metal music guy and got a pretty decent coin count out of the feature. The game’s paytable says that the win on this round is limited to 5,000x the bet, but realistically you’ll have to be extremely lucky to get that far.

Kyle’s bonus game also has the potential to provide some big wins, particularly if you hit the 10x multiplier on a big spin.