Stash of the Titans Slot

Stash of the Titans – Online Slot Review

Win up to 200,000 coins playing Microgaming’s nine-line, five-reel, cartoon-like online video slot… Stash of the Titans!

You can play this animated, fun online slot for a penny per line up to twenty cents per line with a ten coin max play per bet.

Very straight forward regarding features, this video slot has a total of ten symbols during regular play that require a minimum of three on the same payline to be awarded a win.

The wild symbol of the game is the Stash of The Titans logo. It substitutes for all other symbols of the game, with the exception of the scatter symbol, to complete a winning combination for you. If two wilds help complete a win, you’ll be awarded four times the amount. Three wilds assisting will multiply your wins by six, four wilds multiplies your win by eight and five wilds by ten.

The scatter symbol of the game is the Medusa character. Two symbols appearing anywhere on your screen will award you double your triggering bet, three will pay you five times your bet, four will multiply it by ten and five will award you an amazing fifty times your triggering bet.

My Play

Beginning with $50 I played all nine lines at a penny per line and the maximum of ten coins per line for a total bet of $2.00 per spin. Within a total of 54 spins, the wild symbol completed three winning combinations for me and the scatter paid me double my bet three times. One of the wild assisted wins awarded me $20 which helped in extending my play for a bit longer. Having a zero balance after the 54th spin, I decided to give this slot another try with another $50 deposit at the same spin value.

On my second deposit; within a total of 126 spins; the wild completed 18 winning combinations for me (two nice wins of $50.80 & $38), the scatter paid me double my triggering bet six times and five times it tripled my bet. The free spin feature was triggered three times during my play awarding me $49.20, $29.60 & $35.00. I ended play breaking even on both deposits.


I liked the cartoon-like graphics of this slot, the music and animation of the symbols within a winning combination. At first I was not impressed with the way the slot was hitting but after she “warmed-up” it did much better. I spun the reels 180 times with a $100 investment and ended play breaking even.
Would I play this slot again? Not without a large purse… just to be sure to give it time to “warm-up”!