Texas Hold’em: Basic Rules & Beginning Strategies

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Online poker casino reviews will only make sense if you understand how to play Texas Hold ’em.

Of our many online casino guides, this one will cover Texas Hold ’em, a card game that varies drastically from (but is also based chiefly on) traditional poker.

Instead of initially receiving five cards, and trading in some of those cards for a final hand, Texas Hold ’em is played by initially giving all players two cards (called your pocket or hole cards). Five additional cards, which are shared by the entire table, supplement the two cards you are first given. The community cards are revealed in three stages, the flop (the first three cards), the fourth card (the turn) and the fifth card (the river). In between each stage, players can either bet, call, check, or fold.

The game essentially works just like poker – you are trying to make the best hand you possibly can with the cards you were given and the cards that are available to you and the community.

It’s a game that is constantly evolving, and as such, playing it requires specific attention and dedication. As you play, your energy should not be wasted trying to make money off every single hand.

A learned and profitable Hold ’em player is in for the long haul – making smart bets when he or she can win, resulting in an overall return on investment. As a novice Hold ’em player, it’s your obligation to learn which hands are going to be viable for you to bet on. The two most efficient ways of gaining this knowledge are, of course, playing Texas Hold’em, and reading online casino guides. One of those hands might start with a pocket pair – meaning you first two cards are the same number or face. Statistically speaking, the best hand to be dealt in Texas Hold ’em is a pair of aces.

As you play more, you’ll realize the importance placed on your pocket cards. There are essentially 169 possible hands you could be dealt, all of which heavily influence the remainder of the game.

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