The 50,000 Pyramid

The 50,000 Pyramid slot is available at Virgin Casino and Blue Square where it is listed as one of their most popular slots. It’s based on the TV show of the same name, though I certainly don’t remember it! (perhaps it’s because I’m not from America and wasn’t around in the 70’s when it was supposedly on air).

Well, for this to be listed as one of the most popular slots in 2 great casinos, we thought it was about time that we reviewed it. First impressions aren’t great – the graphics are somewhat dated, and there doesn’t seem to be an autoplay/expert mode available which frankly is a pain if you’re planning on a reasonable length session.

So we figure that there must be another reason why this slot is so popular. I guess a good start would be to look at the gameplay. There are 15 lines which can have up to 5 credits bet on each, resulting in a maximum bet per spin of 75 credits. The other kicker is that each line win is multiplied by the line bet, so if you are at the maximum bet, 5 wild symbols are worth 10,000×5 to give you the game’s namesake jackpot of 50,000 credits.

Well, that’s a pretty good jackpot, and whilst we imagine it’s quite unlikely to hit (we never managed to trigger it), we can see that it’s pretty tempting. The basic playing card symbols, 10 to Ace, will only break you even or only recoup you part of your spin’s bet if you get the common 3 symbols on a line. To get anywhere, you’ll need to hit the picture symbols, multiple paylines or numbers above 3.

There’s a bonus game called ‘The Winner’s Circle’ activated on a scatter basis, where you select boxes to move up the pyramid. You start on the bottom row with a x1 multiplier bonus, and no free spins, with 5 picks available. Selecting boxes grants you items such as ‘+3 multiplier’, ‘+5 free spins’ a bonus pick, or a combination of similar items. Eventually you’ll move up the pyramid until you have no more picks or you reach the top.

Well, think we’ve found it – this bonus can give you up to 40 free spins, and you can get quite a decent multiplier too if you get all the way to the top (all about finding those bonus picks) – when it first activated for us, we got a x7 multiplier on 19 free spins, to give a 1622 credit win in the end – we’ll take that thank you very much!

In summary, this slot is one that you play for the bigger wins. The main game has the potential to drain your wallet, but hit a good combination (4 or more picture symbols) on a payline, or get a bonus round with a good number of free spins and a reasonably sized multiplier and you’ve got a chance at some decent wins.

PS. Keep a look out for “The 100,000 Pyramid” slot which offers double the jackpot prize!