The Basics Of Blackjack: Understanding Terminology

Online Casino Guides: How To Play Blackjack

To understand online blackjack casino reviews, you need to understand how blackjack is played.

In casinos around the world, it is blackjack that you’ll come across most often. The purpose of thisonline casino guide is to inform you of the basics of blackjack, and how to play.

This game is played with a traditional 52 card deck (and sometimes even two, three, or four of them). Players are dealt two cards initially, and are allowed to receive subsequent cards. While the goal is to have the sum of your cards equal 21, you are essentially competing only with the dealer, to get as close to 21 without going over. Your job, then, is to get equal to or less than 21, without going over. If you exceed 21, you are out of the hand, and your bet is lost.

Since this online casino guide is intended to teach you the basics of blackjack, let’s go over the terminology involved in the game, and what it means in context.

To Hit. Hitting is the act of receiving another card from the dealer. A player would hit if he or she was significantly lower than 21, and is trying to get a better hand. You may hit as many times as the casino allows – very often, that limit is set higher than you’ll ever reach.

To Bust. Busting is simply exceeding 21. When you bust, you lose your bet, and you are from that point on disqualified from the hand.

To Stand. Standing informs the dealer that you no longer want any new cards, that you are finished making any moves, and that you are comfortable that your hand is the best you can make it given the circumstances.

To Split. Sometimes, the two cards you receive from the dealer will be a pair. In this case, you can split your pair, and play as if you have two hands. To do this, you must bet again – the amount of which must be equal or greater than your initial bet.

These are the essential keywords you’ll need to know to get started playing blackjack. As you play, you’ll slowly learn when you should and should not bet relative to what cards you have, and what card the dealer is showing.

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