The Mummy

The Mummy is the latest in a line of high profile film franchise themes for Playtech’s video slots. The game itself is jam packed with features that we’ll cover in more depth in the rest of this review. Unlike some of the earlier themed slots, this one actually contains all the characters from the film (unlike Gladiator, which although is a good slot, is missing Russell Crowe’s character!)

So, what’s this slot like. Well, to start with the basics, there are 5 reels with 25 paylines. On the symbol front, we’ve got the Mummy himself (acts as the Wild symbol), Brendon Frasier and Rachel Weisz’s characters Rick and Evy as well as Imhotep, Anck-su-Namun and the Scorpion King. The film’s logo also makes an appearance as the scatter symbol, whilst the remainder consist of various Egyptian style artifacts from the film.

You can’t alter the number of lines in play – it’s all 25 or nothing. You can however change the line bet, so depending on whether you want to extend your play or try to win you can raise or lower your cost per spin.

When we first fired up the game, we wanted to unlock the additional features (see below for more details), so we lowered the bet per spin down to the minimum and then used the relatively new “Play until feature” autospin mode to crank through and release these to us. The game should store the features that you’ve unlocked previously when you exit the game and restore these when you re-enter.

Additional Features

The unique selling point (if you will) of this slot is the additional features that you can win via the “Lost City Adventure Bonus” round. This is triggered randomly during the game, and is an ‘open the box’ type of bonus round.

There are 8 additional features to be unlocked in the game, so if you’ve not gotten all of them yet, when the bonus round ends, you’ll be awarded the next feature in the list (apart from Free Game symbols which are won after ‘Scarab Attack’). Also, these remain in place once unlocked, even if you exit the game, so no need to re-win them every time 🙂

Of the following 6 features, only one of these can be activated at a time, though you can choose which one you want at any given point in your play (assuming you have unlocked it of course!) As to the best one, it’s a difficult choice. The Mummy Power is pretty handy, especially if you get more than one wild in a winning combination, though in the end, it probably depends on your style of play and what sort of extra features you like in a game.

Scorpion Scatter               The Scorpion King symbol now acts as an additional scatter symbol within the game.

Expanding Mummy        The Mummy becomes an expanding wild, rather than just a plain old wild symbol.

Scarab Attack                     If the Wild (Mummy) symbol appears on the middle reel, after any scatter wins have been paid out, this awards two additional, randomly placed wild symbols on reels 2 and 4.

Collapsing Reels              After a spin has completed, any symbols that have ‘participated’ in a winning line,  as well as any scatter symbols, are removed and the symbols above it fall down to fill in the gaps. This process is repeated until the new symbols that have fallen into place no longer produce any winning lines.  Free games and Mummy Hunt tiles will not ‘explode’ in this feature.

Mummy Power                One, two or three wild Mummy symbols that are used to complete a winning line, multiply the win by 3x, 6x or 9x respectively

Mummy Respin                A wild Mummy symbol on any reel is frozen in place until the next win occurs. It remains in place if a free game is triggered

The remaining two additional features are ‘always on’.

Free Games                       The Free Game Airship symbol is permanently added to the reels when unlocked. If this symbol appears anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5 (i.e. you need all 3 reels) then you’ll be given 5 free spins and 1 ‘Super Spin’.

During the 5 free spins, any wilds that appear are collected for use in the Super Spin, up to a maximum of 9. These are then randomly placed on the middle 3 reels of the playing area.

If you’re lucky enough to get a high number of wilds in the first 5 spins, you can get a pretty spectacular win in the Super Spin.

Mummy Hunt                   Unlocking this feature adds the Mummy Hunt symbols to the reels. Here you’ll have to choose between two tunnels – find a mummy and win some cash, hit a dead end and you’re out. Repeat until you’re out or you’ve found 10 mummies.


(Apologies for the poor pun, couldn’t resist it)

To be honest, initially, we weren’t exactly bowled over by this one. It takes quite a long time to unlock all of the additional features in the game, and the wins along the way weren’t exactly spectacular, though that was down to us dialling the bet to the minimum to try and activate all of them. It might have been a better experience if we’d have just played through as normal and treated the additional features as levels (they do get better as you go along, so being patient might be more fun than not).

You can get really large win on the free games, particularly if you pick up a large number of wilds in the 5 free spins before the super spin – with a high number of wilds on the super spin, not only are multiple paylines activated, but also these will likely have a higher number of symbols involved in each (i.e. more than 3), further increasing the value of the super spin.