Thor Slot Review

Based on the recent movies, rather than the cartoons, the Thor slot machine features characters and clips from the films. The features of this game are heavy on the free spins – so if that’s your thing, then this might be a good slot for you!

Free Spins

The main free spins mode is referred to as the “Rainbow Bridge” feature. Here you’ll be presented a choice of two ‘orbs’ one of which will take you to the “Earth” free spins, the other to “Jotunheim” free spins.

Screenshot of the Rainbow Bridge Feature Orb Selection
The Rainbow Bridge Feature Orb Selection

Earth Free Spins

A new set of reels is used in this feature. You’ll get infinite free spins here, but, there’s a catch! If the bridge guardian (from the first room where you chose an orb) appears on both symbols on reel 3, you’ll be taken back to the bridge room to choose again – however this time, one of the orbs will take you back to the main game the other will let you continue to another set of free spins.

On the 5th reel, there’s a symbol for the Destroyer (a fire-breathing robot from the film). Should this symbol appear, the Destroyer does too! It’ll set 2-6 symbols on fire – these frames then act as multipliers for any wins that pass through them.

Jotunheim Free Spins

Again, a special set of reels appears for the duration of this feature. If the bridge guardian appears on both symbols in reel 3, the feature returns you to the rainbow bridge room where you’ll have to choose one of the orbs again, but until then, you’ve got infinite free spins (in theory!).

Here, there’s an additional symbol of a snow giant that when it appears in a winning combination, freezes it in place – this guarantees that you’ll win at least the same on the next spin, maybe more.

One-off free spins

  • Thunderstorm – Thor appears on reel 2 and gives you 1 free spin, with reel 2 being fully wild.
  • Lightning – Again, this only awards you 1 free spin, but 2-5 wilds are randomly scattered over the reels

Marvel Progressive Jackpots

As a Marvel slot machine, Thor is part of the Marvel Progressive Jackpot network. These are 4 jackpots of varying size that are accessible via any of the Marvel games on offer at Playtech casinos. These are accessed via a mini-game triggered randomly by the software during your play. To win one, once you’ve activated the feature, you need to find 3 matching jackpot symbols. Once you’re in though, you are guaranteed to win one of the 4 jackpots.


The free spins games are the killer feature here. Pick the right orbs and you’ll just keep getting free spin games. When we played for this review, we managed to get a decent run of choosing the right orbs to get a big win from this feature (we got the right orb 5 times!).