Thunderstruck 2 – Video Slot

Thunderstruck 2 is one of the most hotly anticipated, online slot game releases for some time from the team at Microgaming. As you may have guessed from the title, Thunderstruck 2 is the sequel to the highly successful slot of the same name; and given all the excitement from the online casinos (who seem to be falling over themselves with promotions for this), Thunderstruck 2 looks set to follow in good style.

As with most Microgaming video slots, Thunderstruck 2 has 5 reels, however this time, there are no paylines in the traditional sense; rather, the slot will pay out for any valid combination from left to right – effectively you are playing with all lines active at all times. This results in a massive 243 potential ways for a win to be registered in the game (we’re not going to work through the maths for this though!).

Special Features

Thunderstruck 2 builds on its predecessor, retaining the Norse god theme, but adding some new features to the game.

The Great Hall of Spins

Well, with a name like that, you’re going to expect big things. Not just a hall, but a great hall, and it’s one that doesn’t disappoint. This is the destination for your free spins game, triggered by 3 or more of the Thor’s Hammer symbols. With 2 hammer symbols on the board, the game ratchets up the tension nicely, playing what I would call “adrenaline music” and delaying the settlement of the final reels, which is disappointing when a 3rd symbol doesn’t arrive, but gives a great feeling when it does deliver.

Here’s the schtick. Each time you manage to activate the free spins feature, you gain a “point”, and points mean (even more) prizes. Eventually.

For every 5 activations of the free spins feature, you unlock an additional Norse god, each of which has a different free spins option associated with them, and though the later ones are unlocked, you can still opt for previous free spin options if you should so choose. The gods and their free spin features are as follows:-

  • Valkyrie – This is the first free spins option that is available to you on entering the Great Hall of Spins. Selecting this option grants you 10 free spins, where each win has a 5x multiplier applied to it.
  • Loki – The second of 4 options, Loki unlocks 15 free spins, but you lose the 5x multiplier. Instead there is a Wild Magic symbol which randomly transforms some of the symbols into other substitutes. Additionally, only a minimum of 2 of the Thor’s Hammer symbols are required to activate additional free spins.
  • Odin – Once you unlock Odin, you can opt for 20 free spins, which come with “Odin’s Ravens” (nearly wrote raisins, which would be weird). These randomly turn symbols into multipliers, of either 2x or 3x, though if both activate, these combine into a 6x multiplier.
  • Thor – Appropriate for a game called Thunderstruck, Thor, the Norse god of thunder is the ultimate bonus that can be unlocked in the Great Hall of Spins. 25 free spins with what Microgaming are calling Rolling Reels. There is no set multiplier here, but consecutive wins increase the multiplier up to a maximum of 5x.

The Great Hall of Spins rewards long term play of Thunderstruck 2. Not sure when or if the Great Hall resets, and we’ll check back on it regularly to see if it does, but if not, this means that once you have unlocked the higher levels of the Great Hall, these will be available to you each time that you play – a significant bonus for the long term player (though the free spins didn’t trigger all that often when I played).


This is a randomly activated feature which turns an entire reel wild, and can affect upto all five reels! Once activated, Thor jumps down onto the screen and when he decided to jump back off, one or more of the reels will be turned wild, following which you will get one free spin to utilise these symbols. One reel is ok, but get more than one towards the left of the screen, since there are so many ways to win, the wilds can result in some big wins.

Track your progress

Thunderstruck 2 records your wins, turning the paytable gold each time you obtain one of the winning combinations. To be honest, I’m not quite sure what this feature does, other than highlight how rarely the higher paying symbols appear compared to the others.

Key Symbols

Thor’s Hammer – this activates the free spins feature, based on a minimum of 3 such symbols appearing anywhere on the screen. As noted above, once 2 symbols have appeared on the leftmost reels, the game increases the tension music and delays settling the final reels.

Thunderstruck 2 Logo – This is a wild symbol, substituting for any other, and multiplying any win taht uses this symbol by 2. It’s also the highest paying symbol on the paytable.

My Play

My play was a bit slow for me, with not many special features activating during the session. I think we all know that sometimes a slot can be a bit “quiet”, and it’s early days for this one. Certainly, it will take time to get a feel for the gameplay – it seems to be more of a long term play rather than a quick winner, but this is based on my initial sessions – I’m probably just on an unlucky streak at the moment.

That said, the graphics are pretty good as you would expect from Microgaming, especially for a video slot that has been hyped up by the industry as much as Thunderstruck 2 has, and the special features, particularly the Great Hall of Spins appear to be well thought out.

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