Bet365 are one of the best known bookmakers in the UK but also serve customers in over 200 countries worldwide. Bet365 are not just limited to betting operations and in fact have a wide range of gambling products available to their customers, from their excellent online casino, to poker, bingo and more, and with their �������one wallet” system, you can access all of these services via a single user account.

Betting Extras

Bet365 offer a number of complimentary extras to enhance your betting experience and to try to persuade you to use them for placing your bets.


Bet365 have both a WAP version of their site and a downloadable Java application for your phone. I personally prefer the download application – this was very straightforward to set up – you just enter your phone number on their website and Bet365 send you a text with a link to download the program, which installed and was ready to go within minutes. Easy to navigate and with the quality graphical presentation you come to expect from bet365, you can find odds for almost anything you like, plus if you log in, you can place bets directly!

Live Coverage

Bet365 offer live streaming of sports events for account holders. The coverage may be restricted dependant on your location (the FAQs note that bet365 may be restricted from streaming events that are hosted in your country), however, it’s a nice feature to have, and unlike some other providers, the streaming is free and does not require you to place a bet in order to watch. In addition to streaming, there is also access to live scores ��� which does not have similar restrictions (you can get the live scores for say a premier league game from within the UK) and audio coverage of events such as horse races and premier league games.


In addition to the other extras, you can also access detailed statistics and results for a wide variety of sports. This is extremely useful if you love getting stuck into the details and trying to pick a winner, or even if you just want to check the results of a game or a race from a while back.

Is it safe?

Whilst we would never guarantee that a casino is safe to play in (since you can never know for certain what will happen, after all, before the credit crunch, who 10 years ago would have thought that big name banks would have failed?), however, there are a number of factors that you can take into account when making your decision to deposit.

Bet365 are one of the largest private companies based in the UK, though for various regulatory and financial reasons a number of their operations (such as their online casino) are operated and licensed in Gibraltar. Gibraltar is one of the Department of Culture, Media and Sports’ approved foreign jurisdictions that are deemed to have comparable regulations and oversight of their gambling industry, to the UK���s own Gambling Commission.