Ladbrokes have been associated with betting since long before online gambling came into existence. As with other online gambling providers, Ladbrokes offer a wide variety of services for their members including an online casino, poker and bingo, various other games, right through to financial betting. Ladbrokes is also one of the biggest gambling companies in the UK, with over £15 billion wagered through the various services that it provided during 2009.

Betting Extras

The various sportsbook operators provide a number of free tools and extras to their members, and Ladbrokes is no exception in this regard.


Ladbrokes have a number of options that you can use when you’re out and about; whether you’re at the races and don’t fancy queuing, or out down the pub and want to bet on your team to win. These are a WAP site and a downloadable application, enabling you to access the latest odds and place a bet directly from your mobile phone.

Other extras

Through the website, you can access live score information, and various audio commentary. There are also detailed horse racing form information and a “stats centre” for football (soccer). Ladbrokes also have many “real world” betting shops on the high street, and your online account can be used in these as well, though you’ll need to register for a Ladbrokes card when you go to the shop for the first time.

Is it safe?

As always, you need to be careful who you entrust your money with, however, Ladbrokes has many strong factors that make it one of the safer places to place your bet (if you win that is!).

Ladbrokes is one of the few major gambling companies that are actually listed on the London Stock Exchange. This means that in addition to the gambling regulations that they must comply with, the company also must comply with strict financial regulations which cover the systems and controls in use by the company as well as what accountants refer to as it���s “going concern status”, which in layman’s terms is whether it will still be around in a year’s time – which is not something you can comment on for certain with respect to other online gambling sites.