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This is one of many online casino guides offered by oggs.com, and it is intended to inform you of the basics of roulette. As you read online roulette casino reviews, take a moment to learn these basics and get yourself up to speed.

Roulette is a remarkably simple and exciting casino game that consists of a table with the numbers 0 through 36 (European) or 37 (American), in either red or black, and a wheel with those numbers. The wheel spins, a ball spins with it, and eventually it lands on one of those numbers. Your goal is to bet either on the color, whether or not it is even or odd, or the number.

As you look at the table, though, it appears much more complicated than this – in part because it is. You have more betting options than you think, and these options can be separated into two main categories known as inside and outside bets – inside bets being more specific, outside bets being more general. Inside bets allow you to bet on specific numbers or a small range of numbers, while outside bets allow you to bet on color, even or odd, or a large range of numbers.

You’re allowed to bet before the wheel is spun, and for a couple of moments afterwards, until the croupier informs calls that no more bets can be made. After the ball lands, rewards are handed back out, and the game happens again very soon after.

This is essentially the entire game, and the most important thing to remember is that it is entirely random. The outcome of previous games has no bearing on the outcome of the current game. To do well in roulette is to be very careful with your bets, to come up with a betting strategy, and to remember how you’ve bet previously. If you can keep your own score, you’ll know when you’re up and down.

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