Wheel of Wealth Special Edition

Wheel of Wealth Special Edition is a video slot from Microgaming based on their 3 reel slot of the same name. It follows the standard 5 reel video slot format, with up to 25 paylines that can have up to 10 coins bet against each. Coin values that can be used range from 0.01 to 0.50, and the max coins that can be wagered on a single spin are 250, giving a maximum of £/$125.

The symbols in use are a combination of traditional slot fruits (cherry, watermelon, etc.) and items associated with lotsamoney – like a private jet, gold bars and diamonds. Where this slot earns its keep, and rewards you for going big, is that all wins (except for scatters) are multiplied by the number of coins bet on a line. With up to 10 coins being able to be played on a line, you can see how this might be a good thing!

This means that you can (in theory at least) win 100,000 coins in a single spin if you hit 5x ‘Wheel of Wealth’ symbols where you’ve played with 10 coins activated. This multiplier also applies to bonus wins that are received.

We’ve said above that the coin multiplier doesn’t apply to scatter wins, but that’s because there’s a much better one – the scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet for that spin – which means a potential maximum multiplier of x250! Finally (as if this slot wasn’t generous enough with its multipliers, the wild symbol doubles the value of the payline combination that it completes.

The multipliers are all well and good, but don’t let that distract you from the obvious – you do still need to win in order to get these bonuses! Playing to get the maximum bonus requires you to stump up 10 coins per line, and with 25 lines, this adds up to quite a lot. When we played, there were multiple hits, but nothing significant for quite some time.

There is also a bonus symbol that activates within the playing area (i.e. not a separate bonus feature). When activated, this asks you to select one of the 3+ bonus symbols that activated and this will give you a fixed coin bonus, rather than the usual multipliers, though the value of the other symbols not picked aren’t revealed.


The downside of this slot is that you can empty your wallet pretty quickly if you’re on the max 250 coins per spin, and it can be a big downside, but without risk there’s no reward. This is not a slot if you just want to kill some time– if you’re going to go for it, you’ll need to dig deep and risk a chunky amount of cash.